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Mikhael Khrustik

Developer and designer

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Feb 2019Today

Front lead at Tektosoft

Supported and developed CRM-systems for cellular operator and railway company, HR-service for sailors, online coin shop and many other projects.

Automated processes, prepared boilerplates for various stacks.

Wrote Ansible playbook to automate deploying, covered the code with integration tests, taught the tester to write tests. Introduced quality checks of the front-end code in all the projects i am participated in.

Designed REST api and helped to make important technical decisions.

Taught devops and developers how to work with GitLab CI.

Conducting a code-review, explaining the importance and convenience of the custom properties of CSS.

Automated the work of Windows XP, which through RDP was connected to Windows 10, which through TeamViewer was connected to macOS.

Made SSR for the Angular 8 app. Maintained test coverage to >90%.

Introduced the practice of contributing to open-source projects, wrote and published a bot for automated code review. Helped to choose the stack of technologies for projects.

AngularReactPreactDockerAnsibleGitLab CINode.JSVanilla ES6PHPWebpackParcelMochaChaiPuppeteerJasmineAutohotkey

Jul 2018Feb 2019

Front-end developer at BelVG

Wrote back-end parts for Magento 2 and Prestashop, made layout for different formats, languages, etc.

Helped to update the client site with Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 (basically rewriting 80% of the code), wrote a bank card configurator, fixed thousands of bugs on hundreds of sites.

Didn’t hesitate to offer solutions that didn’t coincide with the company’s usual stack.

Written down the legacy stuff, introduced and optimized the collectors.

PHPTwigSmartyBootstrapVanilla ES6AngularNode.JSjQueryBabelGulpMySQLWebpackKnockout.JS

May 2017Mar 2018

Team lead and designer at Cifra

Developed the logo, identity and website design.

Runs an updated version of the site. The whole front-end was rewritten from scratch.

Introduced automatic tests and deploy into the project.

Supervised the work of the programmers and designers staff.

Was engaged in architecture building, conducting reviews, writing code for the front and back parts.

PHPSmartyVanilla ES6BabelRollupPostCSSGulp

Sep 2016May 2017

Developer, designer and tech lead at CMT

Designed, designed, and launched a new version of the site on a handwritten engine. Made a powerful dynamic admin, which allows you to conveniently write articles for editors.

Designed and built the micro service architecture. Conducted interviews, assembled the team.

Wrote and executed publishing standards.

PHPTwigVanilla ES6VueNodeExpressRollupPostCSSGulp

Jun 2016Aug 2016

Full stack developer at EFO

Created internal project sites, automated routine tasks for managers, maintained and rewritten the old site.

Designed, wrote and launched a complex, configurable search engine by company product.